Disaster Management

The Matha works on how to manage natural manmade disasters and is helping the nearby bvillages in coping with such disasters. The aMatha also sends volunteers teams to other parts of the country, wherever a natural calamity strikes. In the Bhuj earthquake of 2001, the Matha sent its team for relief work. In the Mumbai floods and in other parts in Maharashtra in 2005, the Matha again sent volunteer team for relief work.

The Matha works towards managing natural manmade disasters. It also helps nearby villages to cope with any disaster that befalls them. Teams comprising of volunteers are also sent to other parts of the country where any natural disaster has occurred. Like during the earthquake of Bhuj in 2001, a team was sent for relief work. Also during the floods in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra in 2005, a team was sent that helped people bounce back to life.