Food for all is a dream that the founders of Siddhagiri Matha have always worked hard to achieve. The Annakshetra on the premises is just one step in this direction. The core purpose of this project is to propagate the importance of sharing food and ensuring that the needs of the underprivileged are taken care of when it comes to managing the basic two square meals a day. The Annakshetra is a huge hall or to put it simply, this is the food court of the matha. It is here that the matha volunteers take their meals. In fact, guests, visitors as well as the underprivileged people from the neighbouring areas are welcome here during the feeding time.

The service is available without any charge. Also, since the matha volunteers and the underprivileged people eat on the same table, it sends out a message of humanity and unity that aids in strengthening the moral fabric of the community.

Those in need of food are happily served by the matha volunteers without asking questions or charging any money. Every day, the matha kitchen prepares meals for almost three thousand people. It is the happiness on their face of being served with such love and care that amplifies the taste of the ordinary meals to make it an extra ordinary affair on a daily basis.