Jaggery House with Modern Technology

Sugarcane used in jaggery house is grown organically. jaggery is produced using plants of wild ladyfingers. Chemicals are avoided. jaggery is prepared in just two and a half hours. Only stainless steel vessels are used. This is prepared with minimum man power and little cost. The waste material produced during the process is used for agricultural purposes, for cattle and in Gobar Gas plant. All these techniques are conveyed to the farmers to inspire them to produce healthy jaggery.

The plants of wild ladyfingers are used to produce jaggery at jaggery house. And the sugarcane that is used is grown organically while chemicals are avoided. It takes only two and a half hours to prepare jaggery using minimum manpower and nominal cost. During the process whatever is the waste material is left is used for agricultural purposes, as food for cattle and for Gobar gas plant. The technique is conveyed to the farmers to help them produce healthy jaggery.