Chintan Shibir

Chintan translates to mean thought process or the ability to think, which also happens to be the greatest gift bestowed upon mankind by God. However, the only way to amplify this ability to think is when we develop the curiosity to question the practices and open our minds to their evolution. The Chintan shibir conducted by the Matha is also aimed in this direction. As part of this shibir, members of the math well versed with the spiritual practices discuss matters of religious and spiritual importance. It is through such sessions of reasoning that the mind is taught to think beyond the obvious and enhance its learning ability.

Youngsters as well as adults participating in such sessions get a chance to broaden their thinking abilities and developing the power to reason. You may find it hard to believe but it is this ability to reason that helps us unravel the mysteries of life as we move ahead on our path to seek solutions for our day to day problems. The Math gurus strive to help people understand the importance of broadening their thinking horizons and also focus on applying practical solutions to resolve problems in order to be able to lead a happy as well as stress free life.