Balchetana Shibir

These shibirs or camps are exclusively for the children and are focuses on helping them unearth their hidden potential as well as learn several arts. The shibirs are conducted by the Matha volunteers where students are taught to nurture their inherent talent and groom it to become better. At Siddhagiri Foundation, our firm belief is that children are the future of the nation. Through the Balchetna shibir, we endeavour to give the kids an ideal platform that helps them identify their talents and

nurture it instead of randomly following the mob.
Additionally, these shibirs also focus on teaching students Sanskrit mantras and develop the much needed connect with the culture and religion of our mother land. The sessions also include Yoga practice that helps in improving the flexibility of the body. The young children are also invited to speak on subjects like patriotism, importance of spiritual practices, health, history and a lot more. This teaches them to

develop a confident personality and also enhances their ability to think as well as learn. The sessions are more interactive and so students enjoy participating in them. Learning happens in a manner which is natural as well as fun-filled guaranteeing a better impact.