Siddhagiri Foundation is a unique endeavour that aims to serve people. Guided by its principle to selflessly serve people and help them seek the means that aid in making life better for them, the Foundation has a long history of successfully implementing projects in and around Mumbai.


As we go ahead, we look to propagate the importance of a sustainable community lifestyle where each member has access to all the facilities needed to improve his or her lifestyle.
Bridging the gap between the rich and poor, our projects are aimed towards improving the standards of living amongst the poor and underprivileged members of the community. We treat all members as equal and those who are in need are taken care of when they approach us for help.


Through our projects and support from volunteers, we look to spreading the message of sustainable living and helping the poor to all parts of the country. We are confident of motivating people and making them realise their responsibility to do their bit for the society.
Ever since the inception in 1998, we have strived to exceed benchmarks and aggressively work hard to improve the quality of life in the rural parts of India that have paid an unrealistic price in the rat race for development.