About Swamiji

  • H.H. Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji is a sole trustee of the Siddhagiri Math and Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation (SGF) – a soul with spellbound enthusiasm bearing multiple social and spiritual responsibilities.
  • His visionary mind has given birth to many creative ideas and projects meant for the welfare of society. Some of the projects are mentioned in the ‘We at work’ section. Siddhagiri museum is incarnation of his vision and thoughts.
  • Math has several branches in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. Swamiji visits these branches and enlighten people with spiritual thought sharing sessions. Commanding knowledge in Sanskrit language, Indian ancient Vedic literature e.g. Shreemat Bhagavadgita, Upanishad, Vedas, etc. makes their life teaching speeches more impressive. His speeches provide the strength to face the most difficult situations with courage and joy in the daily lives.
  • He is a source of voluntary and intense patriotism. He has been playing a major role in developing citizens with wisdom, character and patriotism.
  • He believes in health is wealth. We cannot develop responsible citizens without their proper health. Identifying this concern, he replaced the chemical fertilizers with the of Indian cow dung and urine (Gomutra) to cultivate the organic farming. Such organic farming gives more crop with same resources and the food-grains so cultivated are rich in nutrition, thus help people to regain their health.
  • Indian’s health and economics can be improved by rearing, conservation and preservation of Indian breed cows. Indian cows have hump, hence their milk, cow urine and cow dung have medicinal values.
  • His love for traditional games and festivals has marked an impact of his cultural affection on society.
  • He believes that samatvam (balance of life) can be achieved emphasizing on Yog. Yog should be made a part of daily routine.
  • He is keen to implement scientific and developmental experiments in educational, agricultural, health and cultural area. His insistence of E-learning for village children has become famous in Kolhapur and other parts of Maharashtra.
  • He believes that if a person wants to change the society then creative, hard-core developmental work from roots of the society and spreading sad-bhavana (Goodwill) is the only way. He is practically implementing that by actively participating in Bharat Vikas Sangam, a movement to unite virtuous, creative and people struggling for the welfare of the society. Consequently, transforming villages, districts and country into a self -sufficient and ideal entities.
  • His contribution to well-being of the human society is appreciable.

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