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My Personal Philosopy My Personal Philosophy A teacher’s personal philosophy of education is a critical element in his or her approach to guiding children along the path of enlightenment. ~ Barbara Wilt Opportunity abounds for elementary education in the twenty-first century, given the multitude of academic theorists who pioneered a number of indispensable approaches. The extent to which elementary education must be tailored to a combination of one’s cultural and social environment is both grand and far-reaching; that no single teaching method can purport to reach each and every child speaks to the need for incorporating the benefits of more than one approach in any given classroom environment. My lifelong desire is to teach all levels at some point in my career.

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To me, teaching has no age limits, as we all need to learn and grow. In the beginning I would always focus on early childhood education because I felt that this stage in life was the most important due to the developing growth of the brain. But this course has definitely given me a better outlook on education in its entirety. To better understand one’s philosophy of education, one must first understand the meaning of philosophy itself. Philosophy is the “love of wisdom and the search for it” . I adapted to my personal philosophy by recognizing educational principles that rests upon the learner, the school, and myself as the teacher. In this essay I will explain the purpose of education, examine the educational philosophy that matches my belief, show the roles of the student as well as the teacher, and discuss my ideal curriculum.

Education is a means of reaching out to individuals and instilling them with the love of learning. It is striving to delight excitement in the minds of students, by making their learning experience both fun and engaging. This enthusiasm about learning will drive students to develop an intellectual curiosity and to become lifelong learners. I truly believe that the overall purpose of education is to create productive and balanced members of society. Education consists of acquiring knowledge, learning skills and imparting culture through socialization.

Essay by writer: “Distance Learning Business Degree A Step Towards Success”

Many essay writers believe they are stuck in a dead-end job, unable to advance due to a lack of a formal education. Working over 40 hours a week and the financial responsibilities of raising a family hinders their ability to attend college. Many are finding a distance learning business degree can help them achieve better success.

There are many programs that offer a distance learning business degree that offer financial aid to those who qualify. A reputable online college, accredited by the regional accrediting agencies covering the state in which it is located, usually has the same resources as a traditional institution of higher education.

Programs are designed  by essay writers to help those non-traditional students, as well as those who cannot find the time to attend classroom studies. Most offer the same classes as a traditional school and offer interaction with essay writers while pursuing a distance learning business degree. The major advantages include working at your own pace, maintaining your current employment, and still having time for your family while working towards a distance learning business degree.

Classroom Tools Part Of Tuition Cost

Taking classes for a distance learning business degree often requires the use of classroom tools. Most accredited schools will offer these tools as part of your classes and the cost is included in the tuition. Others may have you purchase them locally, but either way you will need them to complete your distance learning business degree.

Essay writers think that some people also have a desire to operate their own business and there are many business-related skills they may lack. Certain skills may also be necessary to obtain backing for the new venture that can be obtained by earning a distance learning business degree. Many investors are shy about investing in a business being operated by a person without the necessary skills. Although they may be exceptional at what they do, without the business acumen to take care of the business end, many are reluctant to invest.

Additionally, by earning a distance learning business degree the owner/operator of a business may find additional ways to help their business grow in ways in which they were previously unfamiliar.

Persons attending distance learning business degree programs must have the personal drive and self-discipline to succeed. You are the only one responsible for your success in completing the classes as there will be no one looking over your shoulder to insure you complete assignments honestly.

Regionally Accredited Online Colleges to Study

Whenever it boils down to receiving the online degree of your dreams, there isn’t a better place to trust all of your dreams, aspirations and your heart: the best regionally accredited online colleges. With distance learning providers or online universities, you are able to pick from several different course programs. These will probably include associate’s, criminal justice, bachelor’s degree, nursing, doctoral degree, a master’s degree and a psychology degree.

Today’s selection of distant learning training institutes are swiftly catching up in popularity because of the incredible similarities of the internet lecture halls and the traditional options. That are essential.

Attendees are able to articulate effectively with other students and their professors through chat rooms and message boards. Several online schools are capable of matching toe-to-toe with the traditional institutes.

An online colleges accreditation is vital to the value of their degrees. For this specific reason, distance learning institutions that are regionally accredited are extremely highly respected, and several of the nation’s top schools, like Amherst, are regionally certified by certain agencies.

These accredited colleges, different from a degree mill type of get up, regionally accredited online colleges and universities and institutions, are seriously updated by The Council of Higher Education Accreditation group and are up to par with physical universities. This is an important organization.

The final perk of obtaining a set of credentials from a regionally certified university is your ability to reassuringly increase your salary as well as your performance level in your business universe.

Due to the great schedules of the online post secondary universities so you can resume working at your current occupation. Colleagues will be impressed that you have chosen to improve yourself, which will increase your self confidence.

What are you waiting around for? Do you want to be assertive with getting your life enhancing training credentials to go along with your life experience right now? Get started right away with the online college of your choice and start moving forward for for bigger goals and objectives in now.


Get A Finance Degree Online Today


Many who work or have children are finding it easier to go to school online. These schools often offer a variety of degrees and can make getting an education much easier than if you were to attend a traditional college. While there are some drawbacks, there are many advantages to this type of program. You can earn your Finance degree online quickly and easily.

There are no set class times which allows for greater flexibility. You can access your classes anytime and anywhere to provide you the freedom you need to attend class while attending to your other responsibilities. Some may even do class work form their regular jobs. Anything is possible with this system.

Online classes may allow you to get your degree without ever setting foot in a traditional classroom. All of your work and testing can usually be done online from your computer. The assignments are available to you from the very first day for you to work on and submit from home. There is never a need for you to drive to school each day to find out your assignments.

You are not required to wait for others. Everything can be done on your own time schedule. Sitting in a class for eight hours a day to do the same work you could do from home makes little sense to most people. Online classes have made going back to school more convenient and economical for anyone who wants to further their education.

Parents also find this a great way to be home with the children and still attend class. Think about taking your kids with you to a traditional school. It would never work. No babysitters are needed and if the kids are sick you can still be right there with them.

If you live a long way from the nearest school then online classes may alleviate some of your concerns.

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Get A Finance Degree Online Today 2

You needn’t worry about your car breaking down or how you will be able to afford the gas. Transportation is never a problem because you do everything from home or from the computer you choose to use.

If you need help with expenses, financial aid may be available even for online classes. This may cover all or part of your tuition and books. An application will need to be submitted and you may need the code associated with the school you plan to attend. To make certain your school qualifies for financial aid you should speak with someone in the admissions department.

You may find that there are a few drawbacks as well. Some people don’t do well without a teacher to walk them through. There will be a teacher but they are more of a guide and to help you with problems. The work itself, as well as handing it in own time, is your responsibility. Online classes require you to be responsible and self motivated.

You too can go back to school. With the technology of today it is easier than ever to get a college degree. To find out more about getting a finance degree online, visit an online learning center and find out what programs are right for you.

In order to get your finance degree online, you need to think about looking for a company or school online. You will find that now there are tons of different degrees that can be done through the Web. You will find that there are tons of online finance degree programs now.


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Higher education for accountant

For maintaining your accountant certification you need to continue your education whether you are employed or not. It is very beneficial from your career prospective. If you are working somewhere then it will give you great advantage in your higher accountant education, because it will provide you with experience of being an accountant along with your certificates of professional course in accounting. Don’t be afraid of continuing education along with your work, it only requires your attention and dedication for study. You can continue your higher education through online in the field of accounts.

You can search for your professional course of accountant on the internet, you will find various websites there which provide effective services. You can complete your course online or by the medium of mails. If you get PDF version for continuing your accountant course then it will be the best option. Once you get PDF version you can take its printout and read it according to your time availability. You can also continue your learning online, but it will affect your eyes, while it provide you benefit to collect different information regarding your course while remain online. If you are continuing your professional education online than you need to do payment for your respective course online also, but while doing payment, get full ensure about the security of that particular site.

If you are pursuing your course through traditional method then it will be less worried matter for you to get the learning material, because respective institute will send it your address.

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Education in Australia

When we think about Australia – Kangaroos, koalas, outback bush talk about open space, clean air and water come into our minds. But Australia has much more to offer than just these.

This young, vibrant and friendly country actually one of the best places to live in. The students live here, learn and grow. Australia is the place if you want a quality education and a good lifestyle.

Some reasons why you should choose Australia as your study destination!

It offers the standard of living in Australia is known for. An English-speaking country, it has a population of approximately 12.5 million. There are people from more than 190 countries. People from diverse cultures live in Australia, which is why it makes it attractive for students wishing to study.

To pursue education and cover living costs in Australia from 40 to 60 per cent of the USA / UK at least, the preferred location varies.Thousand Indian students and students from all over the world every year to go to Australia to study.

University courses in Australia meet the needs of each and every student to provide a wide variety of. Courses and the faculty of the latest up-to-date infrastructure and result oriented.

Indian students for the exclusive benefit of the similarities between the Indian and Australian education system. Both are based largely on the British education system.

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Challenges in front of good higher education in India


If we talk about the value education in India then we find that there is a need of great educational planning along with the people initiatives for its upgrading. While it is right that education directly links with orientation of values. In India more emphasis is given on primary and secondary education than the higher education.

With the help of special education agencies and many others effective and valuable education courses  knowledge is imparted to the students of schools. Various innovative educational practices are being used to provide good and valuable education to the school students. This effective educational practice includes one act play, skits, exhibition, story narration and group discussion as their medium of teaching. If we talk about Higher Education than we find that valuable education is not getting its full speed to reach out in hands of many students. On the basis of scrutiny teaching methods is implemented in this section of higher education. At the level of college students required counseling and right direction for building up their bright future.

Character building also required at this level. For improving standard of higher education, there is need to protest or stand against the orthodox method of education in which students get their degree along with knowledge, but they required something more than this. Character building, taking initiatives for the welfare and development of rural students should be the motive of educational institutes. Along with the knowledge they need to get trained with the importance of being a social subject.

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