College and Career Research Paper Requirements

The objectives of this research paper are to focus on your career aspirations as well as demonstrate research and proper documentation skills. To accomplish this you will need to meet set deadlines, participate in the library research sessions and compose a research paper written to the specifications of the assignment.

I. Content – Your paper must include information on the following:
A. Three education/training requirements – a.k.a. colleges, trade or tech. programs, military, etc)
1. These can be safety, target and reach schools or just options for your post-secondary goals
2. Be specific in research parer, include details like the following:
a. tuition, enrollment, majors offered, job placement, scholarships, financial aid, athletic/extracurricular, etc.
b. for trade or military – look at qualifications needed, programs offered, cost, skills you will gain/certifications, goals of the program/branch of the military, and the “end game” of the program
B. Job requirements
1. skills
2. working conditions
C. Projected/Average Compensation
1. salary estimates
2. benefits (standard as well as “perks”)
D. Job Availability
1. Placement
2. Future –meaning advancement opportunities and longevity of career
E. Length
1. 4-6 pages, typed, double spaced
2. MUST HAVE internal citations
3. 3 sources minimum