Challenges in front of good higher education in India


If we talk about the value education in India then we find that there is a need of great educational planning along with the people initiatives for its upgrading. While it is right that education directly links with orientation of values. In India more emphasis is given on primary and secondary education than the higher education.

With the help of special education agencies and many others effective and valuable education courses  knowledge is imparted to the students of schools. Various innovative educational practices are being used to provide good and valuable education to the school students. This effective educational practice includes one act play, skits, exhibition, story narration and group discussion as their medium of teaching. If we talk about Higher Education than we find that valuable education is not getting its full speed to reach out in hands of many students. On the basis of scrutiny teaching methods is implemented in this section of higher education. At the level of college students required counseling and right direction for building up their bright future.

Character building also required at this level. For improving standard of higher education, there is need to protest or stand against the orthodox method of education in which students get their degree along with knowledge, but they required something more than this. Character building, taking initiatives for the welfare and development of rural students should be the motive of educational institutes. Along with the knowledge they need to get trained with the importance of being a social subject.

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