Requesting A Letter

You want to give all the details about writing is not just your details but wait does it do they need to know right they need to plan they might be writing ten other ones give them a copy of the recommendation forms instructions just just make it easier for them because they will want to write you a good letter usually your angel you made everything easy for me you know you’ll have a better letter so that’s one way to maximize it you can ask many people to do it for you but it’s in some cases they have to I don’t know in your case if the professor sent the letter straight to the school sometimes they happen okay how do a poignant opponent in the singing I wanna go first on. Learn how to request an answer for admission at Robotdon.

Let’s say a nice it’s okay wasn’t worth using as well and nothing else matters you know shit out do I get from you know how I’m gonna miss you Oh cousin uni or doesn’t they got although I’m growing a lookbook in company car so it’s okay if you if you don’t trust that you want to be over have it but I’ve read that there’s a little more weight carry if they said confidential because then they know that you truck they trust your husband so it’s like oh she didn’t even have to read it depends on the professor so but I want I want to say how you should ask them always be considerate of their time schedule an office appointment I know maybe it’s different in Korea but so give them time to write it don’t say write it that makes five days it’s not going to be good Leonard right and I don’t like mating if the professor has to edit it for themself or use an editing service they need some time to so whether they give it to you to edit or to send it through us we need some time to process okay.

So how to request a letter after time has passed I think this is important so if you haven’t been in school for two years it’s good to remind them to send them an email they’re minded who you are tell them your name and give them some details like I was in your business class in 2009 and I’m the one with the red hair and I was always saying crazy things that we used to talk after class so maybe some friendly reminder who you are and then give them your background information file and then maybe even meet with them if they wanted on the phone talk to them because their personal connection is going to make your letter you can’t more feeling I think you know generally give at least a month before the deadline so everything you can make sure everything is there and check out the university resources to find out guidelines about lor submissions it’s very important to follow these rules you don’t want to miss the deadline okay and follow up with your referees so if you gave them the if you asked in three weeks ago they said yes you didn’t hear maybe you remind them say I don’t want to push you but my letter is due in three in two weeks so you know so could you please respond and let me know how that’s going.

Literary Essay / Critical Analysis: Writing Your Body Paragraphs

Remember to use your outline so you can stay on topic. The main character, Marlin, experienced adversity several times throughout the film. When attacked by a barracuda, he became reclusive and overprotective. Nemo was taken by divers. He fought back, chasing the boat, facing sharks, and travelling the ocean. Marlin let go of control when he and Dory are in the whale. He has to let Nemo do for himself. Marlin’s decisions to face adversity rather than flee from it, let him develop and become open to new experiences, just like his son, Nemo.

This body paragraph is not well written. We simply followed our outline and did not expand on our ideas at all! Let’s see if we can do a better job exploring our ideas in relation to the topic! When attacked by a barracuda, he became reclusive and overprotective. This is just bare bones of the first point of evidence from our outline. Let’s see if we can add some more “meat”! In the opening scene, Marlin’s family is the victim of a barracuda attack and all but one egg is eaten. In the face of this adversity, Marlin flees into his anenome and only comes out when absolutely necessary. He become reclusive, and has no outside contact. Marlin is overprotective of Nemo, telling him, “I will never let anything happen to you!” and he borders on being OCD when he does have to venture out of his home. Can you hear the difference between the two versions of our evidence? We have provided some context for the reader, making our ideas stronger and connected by providing specific, relevant details from the text to support our idea.

Let’s try writing body paragraph 2!

While Marlin is more reluctant in facing adversity, Nemo chooses to fight when faced with unfortunate circumstances. As a result of the barracuda attack, Nemo is born with a smaller fin and Marlin uses this as an excuse to discourage Nemo to try new things. When Nemo wants to swim off the reef, he is told “You can’t, Nemo!” To prove his dad wrong, he swims to the boat anchored a bit away. He is taken by divers and brought to the city where he is placed in a fish tank with other exotic fish. Being taken from home and trapped in an unfamiliar environment is distressing to Nemo, but he fights back by aiding in the Great Escape he blocks the filter propeller with a pebble so the dentist will be forced to clean the tank. Nemo is eventually flashed back into the ocean and is reunited with his dad. Nemo fights against adversity one last time, with his father’s support, when he helps the fish trap in the cargo net. By telling the fish to swim down together, the net breaks and they are able to swim free. Adversity forces a person to fight and face difficult situations; this may transform him or strengthen him. By expanding on the ideas in our outline, we are able to give our reader a clear, concise idea of what we are thinking. Transitions help us flow from one idea to the next seamlessly.

Our sentences are not choppy and disconnected, which makes our paragraph smooth and easy to follow. The key to creating a great essay is to expand on the ideas in your outline. Point form notes in an outline are awesome for keeping your ideas short, but it’s important to explore them in depth when completing the writing process! Good luck with your essay!

Customer Needs – How Do Businesses Identify Them?

What does “customer needs” actually mean? On a subconscious level, all customers feel the need to be listened to, to be understood, made to feel comfortable and to feel welcome. But these are basic needs that won’t compel the customer to buy. They are, however, base level needs which must to be met in addition to the need to have a problem solved.

Base level, or sub-conscious, customer needs can be met by:

  1. Good customer service standards – This involves a superior level of customer interaction pre-purchase as well as post-purchase.
  2. Positive and targeted marketing messages – Spamming and broad capture marketing messages can make potential customers feel like they are not important or not understood.

It’s important that all businesses address the base level needs in addition to the conscious level need.

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On a conscious level, customer needs are related to a problem that will be solved by making a purchase. Many businesses only guess at what their target customer needs are. Some get lucky and guess correctly, while other businesses languish because they have guessed incorrectly. Taking the time to correctly identify customer needs gives businesses a competitive edge. This competitive edge will attract and retain customers, persuade your customers to shop with you more (ie. repeat customers), and to increase the amount that they spend.

So how do you identify customer needs?

There are broadly two sources of information used to assess customer needs. One is conducting primary research, and the second is using secondary research. Primary research tends to be costly and therefore is mainly the domain of larger companies with a fair marketing budget.

Primary research is the process of gathering original information directly for your purpose. It consists of one or more of the following:

    • Conducting surveys, through emails, door to door or telephone
    • Using focus groups.
    • Conducting interviews with people who fit the demographic of a business’s’ target customer base
    • Gathering information directly by observing behavior.
  • Secondary research is the process of using published information, or data gathered by another party, to assess customer needs through market research. The sources of this information can be:
      • Local government (council) reports, statistics and business directories
      • Industry bodies such as trade associations and chambers of commerce
      • Free research on the internet
      • Public libraries

Thoughts of essay writers: “My personal philisophy”

My Personal Philosopy My Personal Philosophy A teacher’s personal philosophy of education is a critical element in his or her approach to guiding children along the path of enlightenment. ~ Barbara Wilt Opportunity abounds for elementary education in the twenty-first century, given the multitude of academic theorists who pioneered a number of indispensable approaches. The extent to which elementary education must be tailored to a combination of one’s cultural and social environment is both grand and far-reaching; that no single teaching method can purport to reach each and every child speaks to the need for incorporating the benefits of more than one approach in any given classroom environment. My lifelong desire is to teach all levels at some point in my career.

Read about: Distance Learning Business Degree A Step Towards Success.

To me, teaching has no age limits, as we all need to learn and grow. In the beginning I would always focus on early childhood education because I felt that this stage in life was the most important due to the developing growth of the brain. But this course has definitely given me a better outlook on education in its entirety. To better understand one’s philosophy of education, one must first understand the meaning of philosophy itself. Philosophy is the “love of wisdom and the search for it” . I adapted to my personal philosophy by recognizing educational principles that rests upon the learner, the school, and myself as the teacher. In this essay I will explain the purpose of education, examine the educational philosophy that matches my belief, show the roles of the student as well as the teacher, and discuss my ideal curriculum.

Education is a means of reaching out to individuals and instilling them with the love of learning. It is striving to delight excitement in the minds of students, by making their learning experience both fun and engaging. This enthusiasm about learning will drive students to develop an intellectual curiosity and to become lifelong learners. I truly believe that the overall purpose of education is to create productive and balanced members of society. Education consists of acquiring knowledge, learning skills and imparting culture through socialization.

Get A Finance Degree Online Today 2

You needn’t worry about your car breaking down or how you will be able to afford the gas. Transportation is never a problem because you do everything from home or from the computer you choose to use.

If you need help with expenses, financial aid may be available even for online classes. This may cover all or part of your tuition and books. An application will need to be submitted and you may need the code associated with the school you plan to attend. To make certain your school qualifies for financial aid you should speak with someone in the admissions department.

You may find that there are a few drawbacks as well. Some people don’t do well without a teacher to walk them through. There will be a teacher but they are more of a guide and to help you with problems. The work itself, as well as handing it in own time, is your responsibility. Online classes require you to be responsible and self motivated.

You too can go back to school. With the technology of today it is easier than ever to get a college degree. To find out more about getting a finance degree online, visit an online learning center and find out what programs are right for you.

In order to get your finance degree online, you need to think about looking for a company or school online. You will find that now there are tons of different degrees that can be done through the Web. You will find that there are tons of online finance degree programs now.


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Education in Australia

When we think about Australia – Kangaroos, koalas, outback bush talk about open space, clean air and water come into our minds. But Australia has much more to offer than just these.

This young, vibrant and friendly country actually one of the best places to live in. The students live here, learn and grow. Australia is the place if you want a quality education and a good lifestyle.

Some reasons why you should choose Australia as your study destination!

It offers the standard of living in Australia is known for. An English-speaking country, it has a population of approximately 12.5 million. There are people from more than 190 countries. People from diverse cultures live in Australia, which is why it makes it attractive for students wishing to study.

To pursue education and cover living costs in Australia from 40 to 60 per cent of the USA / UK at least, the preferred location varies.Thousand Indian students and students from all over the world every year to go to Australia to study.

University courses in Australia meet the needs of each and every student to provide a wide variety of. Courses and the faculty of the latest up-to-date infrastructure and result oriented.

Indian students for the exclusive benefit of the similarities between the Indian and Australian education system. Both are based largely on the British education system.

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