January 23, 2016

IQWST: Can I Believe My Eyes?

1:45  -  2:45

IQWST (Investigating & Questioning our World Through Science & Technology) is a powerful curriculum developed through NSF over a ten year process. Through extensive research and development powerful student interest driven units were formed. Come and check out a physical science unit in action titled, “Can I Believe My Eyes?”

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Connect With STEM: See It, Be It.

1:45  -  2:45

Our mission at CwS, is to increase both the visibility of a variety of STEM careers and the diverse types of people doing those jobs in a way that doesn’t place additional burden on already strained educators. In doing this, we hope to introduce students to professions that they can see themselves undertaking in the […]

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Interactive Assessments

1:45  -  2:45
207 Lecture Hall

Learn to create formative assessments using interactive tools such as Kahoot, Socrative, Google Forms, Plickers and more. Bring your laptops so you can participate in this hands-on presentation.

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What is the Role of Informal STEM education? – Featured Panel

1:45  -  2:45
103 A & B

How does informal STEM education increase student interest in STEM professions? What organizations provide programs for students to engage in STEM learning opportunities outside of the classroom? How do these programs increase student interest and success in STEM? Panelists: Kirk Astroth – Arizona 4H/UofA RaeAnn Fox – Arizona Science Center J.C. Collins- Cox Communications   […]

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Gifted Students + PBL + Growth Mindset = STEM

1:45  -  2:45

STEM project based learning activities are a focus of differentiated instruction for gifted learners in Dysart. Through this design process, students work to solve real world problems in collaboration with peers. Products are posted on a district wide collaboration site to receive critical and actionable peer feedback. The feedback guides students in the revision of […]

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School-Wide STEM integration: Pathways and Pitfalls

1:45  -  2:45
104 A/B

Participants in this session will learn about implementing a STEM model in the Salt River Elementary School that moves beyond STEM related extra-curricular opportunities to a model that describes a school day with STEM related experiences offered in coordination to the current curriculum.

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