January 22, 2016

Explore First!

4:30  -  5:30

This session will involve an “immersion” in which participants will experience an initial exploratory activity (to uncover some unique properties of water), just as their students would. This “Explore First!” approach explicitly supports STEM preparedness, addresses the Next Generation Science Standards, and is a critical component of the increasingly popular pedagogy known as Modeling Instruction.™ […]

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Preparing Students for Careers in Analytics

4:30  -  5:30

The concepts of big data are growing across all industries from healthcare to risk management. As more organizations enhance their data capabilities, there are increased requirements for skilled resources to analyze and interpret the data into meaningful information. This session reviews the emerging trends in analytics and how to engage students to enhance the learning […]

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The Power of Data – Preparing the Geospatial Workforce for Tomorrow

4:30  -  5:30

In the STEMworks Power of Data (POD) program developed at Northern Arizona University, teachers learned to integrate geospatial technologies and project based instruction to teach STEM content. POD increased students’ awareness of and interest in geospatial careers and educational pathways to them, and students had more opportunities to build 21st century workforce skills. Learn about […]

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Spaghetti Tower Challenge in K-2

4:30  -  5:30

This session will have participants do the Marshmallow Challenge,then discuss the mathematics and science involved in completing the challenge. We’ll then watch video from a 2nd grade classroom and discuss the results. Participants will receive all instructions for implementing this excellent STEM classroom activity.

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Science Is Fun: K-12 Collaboration with ASU Research Scientists

4:30  -  5:30

Science Is Fun offers a k-12 outreach program designed to excite, educate and engage students. Learn about collaboration opportunities for your students, program, or industry with Arizona State University, Rio Salado College and others that encourage a student’s natural fascination with STEM phenomena.  

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Evaluating Your STEM Programs: Lessons Learned From The Field

4:30  -  5:30

This presentation describes the various analytical tools available in evaluating a STEM program at any level. We will review all available assessment methodologies used to evaluate STEM programming, and describe our unique assessment criteria in AZ with STEM programs and over 200 STEM clubs at the K-12 level. Co-Presenter:  Karen Mutch-Jones

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STEM: A Journey to Excellence

4:30  -  5:30

The session will be an open forum opening with a short narrative of Canyon’s journey to implement STEM school wide. We will share our support network and professional development structure. In addition we will share the unit evaluation tool and school implementation rubric we will use to evaluate our success (handouts). Audience will have the […]

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Making Failure Fun: Amplify STEM Games

4:30  -  5:30

Participants will learn about Amplify’s unique approach and process in developing science and math games that schools can purchase for students in grades 4-9. High-quality educational games are a great way to foster confidence and enthusiasm as part of rigorous math and science study. Learn from members of the Amplify games team how Amplify games […]

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Coding in the K – 8 Classroom

4:30  -  5:30

This session explores perspectives on the Avondale Elementary School District’s second year of implementing a K-8 coding curriculum. We discuss three different coding platforms we use and have students present on what they do in each of these platforms. In addition, we discuss how we facilitate our coding classes and provide resources for others who […]

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